No es un adiós, aunque lo nuestro ya se acabó. Lo lamento y lo peor no soy yo, sino tu nuevo amor. Tu decision yo no la entiendo, es un error yo nunca te miento. Es muy nice si hay luz, es fea como avestruz! (: Ya verás, no te preocupes al final yo ganaré.
Esa boba niña nice, muchas como ella siempre hay. Piensan que es un placer que caigas en su red...
En el salón no me haces caso, tu solo estas pendiente de ese trapo. No se tu, pero yo le quitare su drisfraz; ya verás no te preocupes, al final yo ganaré...

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  1. The smell of your hair, the taste of your skin,
    the touch of your lips to mine.
    The loving embrace as the passion increases
    and our bodies are fully entwined.

    The heat from this moment can not be contained,
    as the sparks of our passion ignite.
    The excitement's intense and the flames are unyielding
    as the fire burns on through the night.

    Emotions are strong, the feelings are right.
    Not even rain can put out the flames.
    But as passion reaches its melting point,
    sensibility takes over the game.

    The time and the place are important, you see
    it should be perfect in every way.
    An event to remember in a world all our own.
    So we douse the flames for another day.

    Another night, when the stars are alive.
    Romantic music and candlelight.
    The perfect setting in a perfect place
    Someday soon we will have our night.