Me enseñaste que los celos son traviesos, que es mitad falta de cesos y mitad inseguridad.
Me enseñaste que no es bueno el que te ayuda, sino el que no te molesta.
Me enseñaste que abrazada a tu cintura todo parece una fiesta.
Me enseñaste muchas cosas de la cama, que es mejor cuando se ama y que es también para dormir.
Me enseñaste entre otras cosas a

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  1. There's a special place
    where lonely hearts find what they are looking for.

    Where empty thoughts can find a release
    and wandering souls can have their peace.

    There is a world that lives within us
    that guides us through the winding path called life
    a song that needs no melody,
    and a note that makes no sound.

    A simple thought without words suddenly becomes profound.

    Yes, there is a special place
    where dreamers live their dreams
    and lovers find fulfillment in everything it seems.

    How you find this place may come as no surprise;
    you simply ask to go there,
    and then just
    close your eyes.